Yucatan Feast (12/28/18)

Yucatan Feast (Serious Eats).jpg
Yucatan Feast (Serious Eats).jpg

Yucatan Feast (12/28/18)


Join us as we travel and enjoy all that the Yucatan food scene has to offer. We will have a gorgeous dinner in our show stopping dining room, and learn how to recreate the depth of Yucatan cuisine in your own kitchen! Our class will begin with a informative lecture on Yucatán cuisine. Then a quick taxi trip to the market to shop for class ingredients. By the end of the class, you will have a basic understanding of the rich culture that surrounds Yucatecan cuisine, and a full and happy stomach!

The Yucatan's rich history is fascinating, as the Spanish Conquistadors choose to make the jungle their home and brought along their recipes and techniques, many of which were influenced by the Moors and elements of the Ottoman Empire. These recipes left influences that can be tasted and seen everywhere in the Yucatan. The following hundreds of years brought other nations and their life-ways to the Yucatan, creating an unusual melting pot of the original food of the Maya, Spanish, French, Dutch, Cuban, Lebanese, and others, all bringing the flavors and techniques of their kitchens with them. In this class, learn why this has made the Yucatan something not be missed.

Class Includes:

  • Recipe packet

  • Trip to the local market

  • Arrival pastries, coffee and fresh juice

  • Full lunch including beer and wine

  • Amor y Canela Apron

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